View of Downey Depot
The City of Downey Transit Program is administered by the Community Services, Social Services Division.  The Transit Program provides the Dial-A-Ride, shared curb-to-curb services for senior citizens 65+ and/or those that are disabled that live in the City of Downey.   The DowneyLink is a fixed route bus service that offers four routes that traverse throughout the City of Downey. 

These services are funded with Proposition A and C Programs, two ½ cent sales tax measures approved by Los Angeles County voters to finance a Transit Development Program. Proposition A was approved in 1980 and Proposition C was approved in 1990. The City receives these funds under the Local Return Program that was created to distribute these funds to cities and County jurisdictions.   Under the Local Return Program the City may pay for expenses associated with Dial-A-Ride, DowneyLink, bus stop amenities (trash receptacles, bus benches, schedule cylinders) among other street improvements that meet Proposition A and C eligibility.