Department Overview
Welcome to the Public Works Department web site. This web page is intended to provide easy access to the latest information and services available. The Department of Public Works plans, manages and maintains the City’s roadway, water, sewer, drainage, and sidewalk infrastructure; vehicle fleet, public facilities, rights-of-way, urban forest, parks and recreation facilities.

The Department of Public Works consists of four major divisions:

  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance Services

Department of Public Works provides essential services to Downey’s population of over 115,000 extending over an area of 12.6 square miles.

Overall responsibilities of the Department of Public Works  include the operation and maintenance of:

Potable Water System
  • 20 Wells
  • 276 miles of water mains
  • 5,448 valves
  • 23,080 meters
  • 3 Metropolitan Water District connections
  • 4 water booster pump stations
  • Provide over 17,800 acre-foot of water per year
Sanitary Sewer System
  • 187 miles of sanitary sewer mains
  • 4,250 manholes
  • 2 lift stations
  • 22,300 connections to private sewer laterals
Storm Drain System
  • 33 miles of storm drains
  • 570 manholes
  • 710 catch basins
  • 2 lift stations
  • 65 connections
Additional Information
  • 210 centerline miles of paved streets
  • 112 acres of parks
  • 244 vehicles
  • 10 miles of alleys
  • 15,600 trees
  • 5,200 street lights
Major Goals of the Department
  1. Preserve the City's investment in its roadway, water, sewer, drainage, and sidewalk infrastructure. 
  2. Promote inspection, maintenance and improvement programs.
  3. Enhance the City's vitality and quality of life.
  4. Provide high quality and cost effective services to the citizens.
  5. Protect the City's natural resources in a manner compatible with policies, codes, and regulations.
  6. Encourage staff development through training and use of latest technology.