Crimes Against Property

Property Crimes encompass several areas; residential and commercial burglaries, vehicle burglaries, auto theft, forgery / fraud investigations, to include identity theft as well as other general theft investigations.

Each detective receives on-going training in their area of expertise in order to learn more about how to combat the types of crime they investigate.

The growing use of the Internet has led to a significant increase in high-tech crimes such as identity theft, forgery, illegal use of access accounts and other electronic transmissions. These types of crimes keep forgery and fraud detectives extremely busy.

The Downey Police Department strongly encourages everyone to keep their personal information confidential, and to shred anything that might contain personal data, before discarding. You can make yourself less vulnerable to identity theft by managing your personal information wisely. You may also get additional tips by contacting the California Department of Consumer Affairs at

Other Resources
  • Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc.-(800) 525-6285 (Hearing impaired call 1-800-255-0056) or
  • Experian Information Solutions, Inc.-(888) 397-3742fTDD (800) 972-0233 or
  • Transunion - (800)680-7289 / TDD (877)553-7803 or