Rick Rodriguez of District 3

As the second youngest of six children born and raised in Southern California, Richard “Rick” Rodriguez Sr. knew early in life that this is where he would raise his family. Growing up, Rick saw at an early age that almost anything could be achieved through hard work. He watched his mother and father work low paying jobs, often two or three at a time, in order to make ends meet. Later, he and his wife Lupe displayed that same hard work mentality, working several jobs to support a young family of their own. It was during this time that Rick developed a strong connection to his faith, his family, and his country. As time went on, work would often take Rick away from home for months at a time. Throughout the ‘90s, Rick worked various domestic and international security assignments. Naturally, this had an impact on his family life and in 1996, Rick and Lupe decided to take a leap of faith that would forever change the direction of their family.

Together Rick and Lupe started Rodbat Management Inc. (RMI), a privately held, Southern California based corporation. Setting out, their mission was to develop a professional security organization that would provide clients with quality security services. They also wanted to afford their employees opportunity for growth and development, both personal and professional. Rick and Lupe’s many years of hard work gave them a perspective that would later pay dividends in helping them achieve these goals. Today RMI operates in 18 states, 3 countries and has provided for 1000 employees.

While Rick and Lupe have reached great heights through their professional lives, it is through their passion to help others and volunteerism that gives them their greatest enjoyment. In 2014 they established the Living Tree Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that benefits our returning Combat Veterans and their families. Living Tree looks for ways to help our veterans including providing job training, housing, or arranging therapy dogs for those in need of assistance, Rick and Lupe are dedicated to serving their community. It is this unwavering commitment to getting things done that has brought success to their family and is still driving Rick to take on new challenges.

Rick has always believed that it is vital to be able to help your community and he has been active in many leadership roles. He was proud to be appointed Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the City of Downey by the Downey City Council, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Street Faire Committee Chairman, President of Gangs Out of Downey (G.O.O.D.), and while serving as Law Enforcement Chaplain with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Rick wants to continuing to serve the community he loves. Our community has a rich history and Rick wants to bring his strong leadership skills to the city that he loves. He is committed to bringing his passion, business skills and dedication to the City of Downey.

Term in Office

November 2016 - November 2020

Downey City Hall
City Council Office
11111 Brookshire Ave
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 904-7274