About Art in Public Places

Art in Public Places

The goal of Downey’s Art in Public Places Program is to provide original artworks that are easily accessible to the general public throughout the City.  The Art in Public Places Program is designed to offer a wide range of artistic styles, themes, and media, all of outstanding quality.  The unique variety of artistic styles is chosen to provoke discussion and encourage comment.  The Art in Public Places Program is dependent on public-private cooperation between the City, artists, and the developer.  All art are privately owned, and are designed to enhance property values, encourage pride in ownership, and add value to the community.  The Art in Public Places Program shall also provide the Downey City Council with the flexibility to initiate public art projects on City-owned property consistent with the artwork criteria set forth in this Manual and to provide for facilities where public art is displayed.


Any developer who constructs a commercial building and/or a residential building; and the building valuation is $500,000 or greater shall participate in the Art in Public Places Program.  This can include paying a fee into the Public Art Fund or placing public art (value of the art shall be greater than or equal to the fee) on the project site.

The fee shall be one percent (1%) of the building valuation as computed using the latest building valuation data as set forth by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO).  The maximum fee per project will be set at one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000.00).


Art in public Places is regulated by Article VIII, Chapter 10, of the City of Downey Municipal Code.  Additionally, the Art in Public Places Policy Manual contains the application process, review criteria and application instructions and checklist.