Dennis the Menace Playground dedicated July 27, 1963

The City of Downey was incorporated on December 17, 1956 and has since been known for its rich history, quality neighborhoods, excellent schools, and engaging civic life. The City of Downey is home to more than 110,000 residents, many of whom are actively engaged in the community. Downey’s indescribable essence of community is what makes it such a special place. Downey is not only home to the first Taco Bell restaurant and oldest operational McDonalds, but also to the location where the Apollo Space Program began its journey to the stars.La Reina 1966 By ensuring public safety, encouraging economic growth, supporting environmental responsibility, and continuing its community involvement, Downey remains a beacon to surrounding cities. By providing the best possible service to the community and each other in a responsible, ethical, and professional manner our City leaders are constantly improving the quality of life for the residents and businesses in Downey. Downey is uniquely capable of facing the challenges of the 21st century with the same vigor and commitment that created the City originally. We are humbled and grateful to be celebrating 60 years of accomplishments, community, and success. We look forward to celebrating many more years of pride, community, and commitment. Happy 60th Birthday, City of Downey! “Future…Unlimited”
Downey City Library 1959    

Here are some of the Birthday events we have planned for our 60th year:

·         Story time with the Mayor on April 12th and 13th

·         60th Anniversary “Downey Reads” which will be launched on April 12th

·         Historical Speaker Series on Thursday, April 21st

·         Youth in Government Day – “If I were Mayor” theme on Thursday, May 17th

·         Book Club Discussion – 1950s Bestseller on Thursday, June 9th

·         “Book Your Summer” program,  June-August

·         Downey 4th of July Freedom Fest on Monday, July 4th

·         Book Club Discussion– 1960s Bestseller on Thursday, July 14th

·         Book Club Discussion– 1970s Bestseller on Thursday, August 11th

·         Book Club Discussion– 1980s Bestseller on Thursday, September 8th

·         Book Club Discussion– 1990s Bestseller on Thursday, October 13th

·         Symphony’s Gustav Holst’s “The planets” & the close of “Downey Reads” 
      program on Saturday, October 22nd

·         Historical Speaker Series on October 31st   

·         Book Club Discussion– 2000s Bestseller on Thursday, November 10th

·         Tree lighting and Birthday Celebration on Monday, December 5th 

·         Book Club Discussion– 2010s Bestseller on Thursday, December 8th

We hope you can join us in celebrating!!!